A note from the producer: 
most of you in the local hip hop community only know me as the cameraman for Street Journal, that’s ok because in general I am. I’m also the producer, the editor and creator of the show. I gotta thank EVERYONE who has been involved with Street Journal ONLINE for what is now season #14, especially the hosts, past and present. Few of you have spent time with me in the studio when music was pretty much all I breathed, ate and slept. I have to point out what is currently the hip hop song that I most admire from the last few years. “Kick, Push” by Lupe Fiasco. Now I am not saying that he is the dopest lyricist or hardest rapper. I admire him for this song because he didn’t stick to the recipe. Also because I was a skateboarder in my youth. I’m getting sick to death of the idea that hard lyrics about the same street bullshit is all there is to hip hop and alleged riches from selling drugs is the only thing that a good MC can talk about in the rhyme or “it’s not real hip hop.” BULLSHIT! As a songwriter and producer I know that you talented brothers and sisters don’t have to buy into the music business scheme to make our youth believe that hip hop is all about negative vibes and topics.

We gotta wake the fuck up.

Curtis Johnson, Executive Producer

Street Journal ONLINE